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Tired of seeing cracks on the floors of your own home? Keep your home functional by hiring our services at Arriaga Handyman. We specialize in various repair services that our clients within the Fairfield, CA area can surely depend on. Check out the following services that we specialize in:

Affordable Handyman Service

Affordable Handyman Service

Handyman Service

Through our handyman service, our expert technicians are always ready to help you out with whatever kind of problem that your home might have. Our team is fully equipped with all the essential tools to allow us to efficiently render our services.


Want to achieve a new color for your living room or even with your bedroom? We also offer our painting services that are guaranteed to be done by a skilled professional. With our hassle-free painting service, any painting job for your home will be done in no time.

Build and Repair Fence

For both installation and maintenance purposes, our fence services are made out of durable materials that will surely last for a long time. When it comes to fencing, we always make sure that our work will not easily be destroyed easily.

Tile Flooring

Want to make a repair on your broken tiles? We also offer tile flooring, regardless of the size of your room. Even if it’s just for a small repair or a new installation, we’d be happy to help you out through the assistance of our experts.

Drywall Repair

Want to get rid of your damaged drywall? Our services for repair drywall are rendered by our team of professional painters that are capable of doing an instant service which also coupled by the quality that we have always promised.

Junk Removal/Hauling

We’re trained and well-equipped to handle the complete removal of junk items you have need for anymore. We can haul them out of your place so that you won’t have to deal with them yourself. We’ll be extra careful when carrying them out of your home.

Take a chance with Arriaga Handyman as we bring you quality repairs that you can avail of in no time. We have been offering our services to most of our clients located in Fairfield, CA. Just call us today at (707) 720-7627 for further clarification in regard to our other services.

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